Thoughts from Sunday…Sunday at Timberline I had the honor of baptizing Brandon…

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Thoughts from Sunday…Sunday at Timberline I had the honor of baptizing Brandon, a five-year-old boy from one of our faithful families. He had been hearing about salvation every week in Sunday school, children's church, and our midweek Awana program and had begun asking questions. He was saved just this past week. I am so glad that Brandon is having the opportunity to be in church and to be sensitive to the moving of God. I was reminded of Paul's statement to Timothy, in 2 Timothy 3:15, " And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus." It set my mind and memory in motion. I am grateful for all that my parents did for me, particularly through the growing and formative years of my life. They provided me the opportunity to play sports, to obtain an education and a love for reading, and to travel. Without question, though, the greatest thing my parents ever did for me and our family was to load us in an Oldsmobile station wagon and take us to church. It was at church that I learned of salvation and where I met my wife. As a dad and now a grandparent, I want to make sure that I give my children every opportunity to be in the place where God is speaking and to be sensitive when He speaks to them. Being baptized is a wonderful way to identify with Christ and to follow the Lord. I hope someday Brandon will look back and thank his dad and mom for faithfully bringing him to church so that he, like Timothy, could have the way of salvation made known to him.


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