Thoughts from Sunday… In the lesson "Shall It Be Well," we first not…

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Thoughts from Sunday… In the lesson "Shall It Be Well," we first noticed her Repose. She did not "freak out" at bad news. Secondly, we see her Response in verse 22 of II Kings 4. She first expressed to her husband, "Send me.” Too many times we are prone to delegate our chief responsibilities to other people or other things. This is especially true, as is the case with this lady, with children. We live in a culture where we send our children to school to be trained for 40 hours per week by people we often do not even know. We then hand them an electronic device or sit them in front of the television to keep them occupied while we take care of "important" things. Hang on a minute. I am all for schools, having taught in them for nearly three decades. I certainly believe education is important. I also think there are times when it is certainly okay for a child to be entertained by an electronic device. I know I have done that with our children as well, though it was probably a VHS tape in a VCR. Remember those? We also notice another important lesson from this verse. In the later part of the verse she said, "that I may run to the man of God.” She also knew that for her son time was of the essence. My wife and I have been privileged to have four daughters. Two are married, and two are still at home. It has amazed me at how quickly the time has passed. I am sure there have been a few occasions when one of my girls tried to get their dad’s attention while I did not want to be interrupted from a ball game. The games are over, and I cannot even remember who won. But those moments with a child are fleeting. I want to take advantage of those moments while I have them. Like the Shunamite woman….time is of the essence with those whom we have the opportunity to influence. Let’s make sure that we are not sacrificing and forfeiting the opportunities that God has given us. It is my responsibility, and the time is now.


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