"Thoughts from Sunday” In II Kings 4, in regards to the Shunamite woman’s …

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"Thoughts from Sunday” In II Kings 4, in regards to the Shunamite woman’s statement in verse 23, I posed a question used for the sermon title, "Shall It Be Well?" The first thing we notice is her REPOSE in verses 20-22. She had just received horrible news. Her son was dead; yet in spite of her anguish, she kept her composure. In WW II, the Ministry of Information in England was tasked with the challenge of maintaining morale at home under the most difficult of circumstances. They used a series of statements which were often designed and placed in prominent view. One such statement is now commonly borrowed and often seen. It is the statement, "Keep Calm And Carry On." That slogan was said to be a hallmark of the British people during WW II and was perhaps one reason they were still standing after 1945. It stands in contrast to how some respond in times of turmoil and uncertainty. The Shunamite woman resisted the urge to "freak out" at the sound of bad news. In each relationship and in our daily lives, we are going to come face to face with bad news. It could be loss of a loved one, sickness, financial adversity, or other hardships. Perhaps we have been disappointed by someone. When those situations arise, resist the temptation to "freak out.” Rather demonstrate your faith and trust in Him who is sovereign and does all things well. Keep calm and carry on. Shall it be well?


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