One Comment on “Mary didn't get what she wanted”

  1. Thank you for your kind comments in your message “How to Behave in church.”
    I had no idea when I gave your friend from Pennsylvania a tract who he was
    and that it would warrant a sermon illustration. I feel humbled just to be used by God in any way that I can. I had no idea when Andy died that he had influenced so many people. I had been so strict with my kids raising them and
    Apologized to
    Andy not long ago for sometimes feeling like I was outright mean to them. I just wanted them to do right. He told me “you must have done a good job
    we turned out pretty good” (. Little did I know.)Since he went to heaven it has given me a desire to do even more for the Lord. I will be praying for your church as you go through this time of

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