Thoughts from Sunday

The Great or Good. We often hear the expression “greater good” which is used in a variety of manners. Recently in church, I spoke on this thought. Many spend their time, talents, and treasures on good things. For example, there is nothing wrong with sports, hobbies, or other personal wholesome interests. When those good things take away from that which is great, the greater things are missed. I am reminded of a story of a man with whom I spoke sometime ago. He had strayed from church attendance to spend Sundays with his family exploring, camping, and going to the lake. All of those are good things. Yet, when his children were in their high school and college years, he was convicted and wanted to get his family back into church. He tried to get them involved in church again, but his family did not respond. With tears, he said to me, ” I picked a bad time to get away from God.” Do not spend so much time on the good things that you sacrifice the great things.

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